Offshore Wind farms in Isle of Man

Isle of Man has 1 offshore wind farm projects of which none currently operating, none where construction has progressed enough to connect the turbines and generate electricity, none are in the build phase, and none are either consented or have applied for consent. You can access over 80 data sets on each wind farm subject to your access level and drill down to see items such as:

on project 'Isle of Man' on Tuesday, 21 January 2020, the following was announced: 'update: The Tynwald voted unanimously to approve the first phase of the plan in late January and has committed to introduce a Climate Bill in 2020 and phase two of the plan in 2021.

The Isle of Man (IOM) Government has published a Climate Action Report targeting net zero emissions by 2050 which will be considered in Tynwald on 21 January 2020. As part of the Action Plan the Council of Ministers commits to securing 75% of electricity from renewable sources by 2035 with actions including the launch of a prior information notice/expressions of interest (pre-tender) for an offshore wind farm with providers selected in 2023 and generation starting by 2028-2030 depending on high-low scenarios.

The plan discusses various options for progressing Orsted's IOM offshore wind farm. The main barrier to date has been that the UK CfD scheme does not accept bids from outside UK waters (including the IOM and the Channel Islands). This has meant Orsted has no route to market and is currently unable to export power to the UK. However, with ambition to decarbonise the Isle of Man power generation and expected increase in electrification Isle of Man is now considering options where some or all power is exported to the Isle of Man. Also due to declining cost of offshore wind projects in IOM may be able to proceed without a CfD and instead via PPAs or merchant agreements e.g. the Manx Utilities Authority (MUA) could purchase the electricity from Orsted through a long term PPA (25 years). Suggested options include 150 MW to be exported to the IOM and surplus could be stored or 550 MW exported to the UK, using DC interconnectors, via CfD mechanism or PPA/merchant agreements, subject to shifts in the economics of the UK electricity market. Private sector investment for this option would be in the region of £2.5 bn. Another option includes the use of the IOM as a hub in the Irish Sea with multiple inter connectors to the UK and Ireland. This concept, whilst providing environmental and cost optimising benefits, is limited by the complexity of the proposal and involvement of multiple government jurisdictions.

Action points from the plan include encouraging the UK to amend it's CfD scheme; investigate the potential for floating offshore wind as costs decline; conduct a full technical and economic appraisal of options highlighted to progress the development of Orsted's project; investigate the use of gigastack electrolysis technology and hydrogen coupled with offshore wind. Significant grid reinforcement will also be required.'

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Project Name: Isle of Man

Owner: Isle of Man Government

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