SE 6.25-172

Manufacturer: Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Sewind)
Commercially Available: Available for Commercial Deployment
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General Information
SE 6.25-172
Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Sewind)
Commercial Availability
Available for Commercial Deployment
Designed for low wind speed market. Highlights a large-capacity, high-reliability product platform at sea LCOE≤0.5RMB. The unit has a blade length of 84 meters and uses an integrated load simulation technology using long blades. Considering different load conditions has different effects on the force conditions of the various components of the wind turbine blade. Accurately calculate the ultimate load and fatigue load distribution of the blade to ensure correct calculation and safe and reliable design, thus providing accurate load support for the optimized design of the unit later. The unit uses high modulus glass fiber reinforced composite technology to select high modulus glass fibers with excellent comprehensive properties. The blade production uses mirror mold technology to improve the surface finish of the blade and increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the blade. The unit is designed with large bearing design and manufacturing technology. The wind turbine pitch bearing has a lar

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