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Market leading intelligence for global offshore renewable energy markets

We are a marine consultancy with a specialist focus on submarine electricity cable providing advisory, management and owner engineering to the marine, energy and subsea sectors.

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Submarine Cable Consulting & Intelligence Services

We know that the offshore sector doesn't sleep. Staying on top of the waves of information is near impossible; which is why we created the ForeSEE WebApp. Our offshore wind consulting intelligence software will give you access to our panel of experts - we'll provide you with an extensive range of information in various written and visual formats.

Submarine Cable & Pipeline

Whole-life technical and marine support for your strategic assets. We provide support starting at project feasibility, through to investment cases, route engineering, installation, operations and maintenance.

We offer experienced marine consultants who specialise in submarine cable. An experienced consultant is essential for your project, helping mitigate issues raised by design, installation and operation.

Offshore Wind Intelligence Products & Services

We offer comprehensive offshore market intelligence services to ensure that our clients are able to review the widest possible range of supply chain offers.

We help you understand the global offshore wind market and enable you to make informed decisions to select the most competitive and appropriate contract to meet your specific needs.

Market Consultancy

Knowledge of the global offshore energy industry will support the growth of your business by allowing you to make better investment decisions. Our offshore consultancy services help you do this by providing fact-based answers to hard questions.

Our expert consultants specialise in market and supply chain analysis. Strong relations with market players and full access to the most comprehensive data set available means we can provide you with highly detailed, accurate, and expert analysis of the offshore wind industry.

Offshore Market Intelligence Services

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