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Access comprehensive data on over 3,000 offshore wind farm projects from a single source. Benefit from an extensive range of up-to-date information spanning the offshore wind industry and beyond, saving valuable time and resources.

Offshore wind power is rapidly expanding to meet global demand for clean, renewable energy. Over 73 GW of capacity is operational worldwide across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Advancements in wind farm technology include a growing focus on floating offshore wind farms situated in deeper waters, surpassing the proximity limitations of traditional fixed-bottom installations. Turbines have also scaled up, with models up to 16 MW in capacity successfully demonstrated.

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Discover strategic market intelligence with the 4C Offshore platform from TGS, tailored for both seasoned industry players and newcomers across the entire value chain. Subscribers benefit from premium quarterly reports, extensive databases, webinars, and online tools, supported by dedicated customer service and research analysts. Gain exclusive access to high-quality insights and data to guide informed decision-making.

Our subscribers benefit from comprehensive data and insights, empowering them and their organizations to make informed decisions.

Premium subscribers get access to sector-specific databases (online and offline) as well as insight-driven reports, newsletters, webinars, and a suite of online tools. This information enables a wide range of application such as:

  • In-depth competitor and industry analysis and trends
  • Project-specific updates
  • Offshore wind project pipeline opportunities
  • Supply chain insight
  • Resource assessment
  • Government and regulatory information
  • Wind and metocean data (depending on subscription type) GIS files (depending on subscription type)

  • Project information and updates
  • Turbine specifications
  • Associated transmission
  • Service vessels
  • Vessel contracts
  • Ports
  • O&M contractors

Data and insight are delivered via the 4C Offshore web app. Stay informed with trusted market intelligence presented via raw data, interactive maps, graphs, reports and webinars delivered to you when and how you need it.

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