Locals to build new Danish wind farm

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An Initiative Group called Bornholms Havvind are hoping to develop a 90-100 MW offshore wind farm located approx. 10 km out in Sosebugten southwest of Bornholm. The project is to be 100% owned by local companies and people.

The wind farm will consist of eight 12 MW turbines, located 9.5 km from the coast off Sose bay on the stretch between Arnager and Aakirkeby.

In June the project received the guarantee for a bank loan of DKK 475,000 from the Danish Energy Agency. The money is being used to fund initial surveys including financial assessment of required investment and operational costs.

The first preliminary results have been received and reportedly show that, despite the projects small size, costs are on a par with what is known from other offshore wind farms. This leads project consultants, namely K2Management and A2Energy, to conclude that the project from a financial perspective looks promising. The Initiative Group's general meeting was held 20th July 2020 and participants agreed to continue with the project based on these initial results.

The Group hope to establish a Bornholm offshore wind turbine association, allowing citizens, companies and associations to sign up and express interest in the project. They plan to hold an inaugural meeting in September 2020.

Various companies and organisations have already expressed interest in the project and potential collaborations including working with BOEF on a 'power-to-X' project and seaweed cultivation within the array with DTU-Fødevareinstituttet.

Believed to be progressing via the developer-led Danish Open Door scheme, the Group is preparing to submit a permit application to undertake the required feasibility studies and hope that the project will be on track to start operations by 2025.

The Bornholm area is currently a hot spot for offshore wind following government commitments made in June 2020 to establish an 2 GW Energy Island on Bornholm by 2030.

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