Triumph WTIVs to be fitted with robot technology

By: Sue Allen
In: Vessels
Triumph Subsea Services has announced that it has entered into a collaborative partnership agreement with Kongsberg Maritime AS and Eelume AS to support the continued development of the Eelume articulated robot technology. The partnership will further develop the Eelume vehicle and its resident garage. Currently the Eelume is available as a 500 msw rated vehicle.

The partnership will focus on the completion of the resident garage for 500msw operations and further development of the Eelume vehicles in 1500msw and 4000msw rated versions. The residency garages will also be developed into 1500msw and 4000msw rated versions after the completion of the 500msw rated system. A docking system will also be developed, allowing for the Eelume to be deployed with ROVs and subsea packages. By completion of building the vessels the development of the Eelume vehicle and the residency garage will be completed making this an integrated autonomous subsea inspection and light intervention robotic system for easy launch from a vessel.

Triumph will be fitting two Eelume vehicles with residency garages onto all of its construction vessels including its Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs).

The key drivers and differentiators in Triumph’s sustainability growth programme and technology are based on its innovations and industry first initiatives. Triumph stated that the use of Eelume is another example of how technologically advanced robotics and autonomous systems are utilized on its new Green Technology vessels that will be operating within the energy, offshore wind and renewables sectors.

announced the construction of two WTIVs on 11 August 2020.

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