50Hertz and Energinet form energy island collaboration

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German and Danish grid operators 50Hertz and Energinet have formed a collaboration for the Bornholm Energy Island project to connect both countries to an offshore hub with around 2,000 MW of wind power capacity that is planned on the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm.

In addition to the KONTEK interconnector, the first hybrid connection in the world, Kriegers Flak - Combined Grid Solution (KF CGS), was inaugurated in the autumn of last year and has in the meantime been put into operation. This hybrid connection links the power grids of both countries while also integrating the offshore wind farms along this route.

The new project, Bornholm Energy Island, will connect Germany and Denmark by means of an interconnector during the first phase of development. Electricity from the offshore wind farms surrounding Bornholm will be fed into this interconnector on the island. In the following phases, connections to other littoral states and offshore wind farms of the Baltic Sea will be developed gradually.

50Hertz CEO Stefan Kapferer commented: "For Europe's energy future, the seas that surround us are of central importance. Together with our reliable partner Energinet, we want to launch a new innovative project for the energy transition and climate protection. With this project, we are not only making technological progress, but must also break new regulatory ground for the transnational use and remuneration of the generated power together with policy-makers and the offshore wind industry."

Energinet CEO Thomas Egebo stated: "If we are to succeed in the massive expansion of offshore wind, which is necessary in the coming years to fulfil the Paris climate agreement, it is absolutely vital that a significant change of gear is now taking place. A change of gears from national expansion with individual wind farms to energy islands, which in essence are and only can be transnational projects."

50Hertz and Energinet agreed to first carry out additional analyses to establish, over the course of this year, a solid economic and technical basis for the further steps towards the best possible project implementation. The two system operators seek to drive this project forward in close exchange with the relevant ministries of both countries.

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