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California Governor's budget includes offshore wind funds

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 17/05/2021 OWC
California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced, as part of his revised budget, that $20 million has been made available to spur environmentally responsible development of offshore wind energy.

Adam Stern, Executive Director of Offshore Wind California, a trade group of offshore wind developers and technology companies, commented: "The funds, if approved by the Legislature, will enable the state to engage with key stakeholders, accelerate the permitting of offshore wind projects, and upgrade port infrastructure needed to build out the offshore wind supply chain. This is an important investment and a sign of things to come for Golden State workers and its nascent offshore wind industry. Offshore wind will be a key contributor to help California support a clean energy economy by delivering gigawatts of competitively priced power and thousands of family-wage union jobs, while protecting marine and coastal resources.

"We are encouraged by Governor Newsom’s statement today that offshore wind siting negotiations with the U.S. Secretaries of the Interior and Defense are progressing. The Governor said today that his administration and the federal Departments of Interior and Defense would … announce together, very shortly, an incredible opportunity for offshore wind development in the state.”

The funding comes as part of a wider $912 million effort to accelerate California’s progress on meeting its clean energy goals and better position California as a leader in advancing clean technologies and as a leading partner with the federal administration in tackling climate change and stimulating the economy.

The Governor also revealed that a $110 million General Fund is available for green hydrogen production to accelerate the transition away from using fossil fuels to produce hydrogen and to displace the use of gas at power plants. Furthermore, $35 million has been set aside to carry out critical resource and transmission planning to support the unprecedented levels of clean energy buildout needed to meet the state’s energy and climate goals,

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