Chinese jack-up flooded during turbine installation

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 08/07/2020 4C Offshore
The Zhen Jiang jack-up installation vessel suffered a catastrophic accident whilst installing turbines at the CSIC Jiangsu Rudong H3-1 300 MW offshore wind farm in China. The vessel's jacking system failed during turbine installation. As result, it was flooded, and has been rendered unusable.

Early reports have revealed that hydraulics failed during leg lifting operations. When the tide rose, the vessel could not lift because of the stuck leg and it subsequently started to take on water. Around 5 metres of water was taken on in a short amount of time and the watertight door to the engine room was left open leading to flooding of the engine. During the accident, the personnel evacuated safely, but the ship is now unusable and needs to be salvaged.

The vessel was delivered at the end of October 2019, following sea trials. The vessel is the first self propelled 1,200 ton jack-up vessel built by Nantong Gangzha Shipping Manufacturing and outfitted by CSIC Wuhan Marine Machinery Plant Co. It was operated by Shanghe (Shanghai) Ocean Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. and cost around 450 million yuan to build. Official investigations of the cause of the accident and the identification of responsibility are still in progress.