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The 700 MW COBRAcable is planned to be back in operation today (8th January 2021), after approximate 105 days of downtime. The HVDC cable has been out of operation due to a failure since the end of September.

The cable operator, TenneT, had mobilized a team at sea to carry out cable repair as soon as possible. The fault was investigated through a special equipment where a tone or a pulse is sent through the cable to find the exact location of the defect. Initially, it was suspected that the fault had occured in the onshore part of the cable but later it was detected in the submarine cable.

The cable was cut at a depth of 40 metres on the seabed and lifted. On both sides of the cut cable, the cable was measured 200 meters long to find the exact fault location. The piece of cable where the fault has been located was removed. A new piece has been installed and reconnected to the cable.

In the last couple of days, the cable has been successfully tested and laid back, buried two meters deep in the seabed. The connection will be able to transport electricity between Denmark and the Netherlands from today.

COBRAcable is a 320 kV HVDC connection between the Netherlands and Denmark. The 325 km long cable is jointly owned by and TenneT.

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