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Construction underway at Horns Rev 3

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 20/10/2017 Vattenfall
VattenfallConstruction work is underway at the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm. At the beginning of October, the first four monopiles were loaded onto GeoSea's jack-up vessel Innovation in the Netherlands and then driven into the seabed off the Danish coast in the North Sea.

The construction work will take place in an 88km2 area in the North Sea, at least 34km off the west coast of the Danish Jutland Peninsula.  The water depth at the site varies between 10-21m.

The project will see the installation of a total of 49 foundations in the North Sea. Each foundation consist of 40-50m monopiles made of steel, with a diameter of 6.5m. The monopiles will be driven about 30m into the seabed and will support 49 V164-8.0 MW wind turbines, currently one of the world's most powerful turbine models.

Before the construction could begin, seabed preparations had to be carried out, including a geological survey and a subsequent detonation of old naval mines. Due to noise concerns, a support vessel is being used to place an air bubble installation on the seabed around the construction site. The installation creates a sound-absorbing, double layer of air bubbles that protect marine mammals in the area.

It is the first time in five years that an offshore wind farm will be built in Denmark. When complete, expected 2020, the project is expected to be capable of providing enough power to satisfy the annual electricity consumption of 425,000 Danish households. It is being developed near the Horns Rev 1 and Horns Rev 2 offshore wind farms.

"Horns Rev 3 is the first of three offshore farms that Vattenfall will construct in Denmark in the coming years. These wind farms will, in the highest degree, contribute to our strategy to have a fossil free energy production within one generation ,"
says Gunnar Groebler, head of Vattenfall´s Wind Business.

Vattenfall is also currently developing the 610MW Kriegers Flak  and 350MW  Vesterhav Nord and Vesterhav Syd wind farms off the coast of Denmark.

Construction permission for Kriegers Flak was granted to Vattenfall in November 2016 with a  winning bid of €49.9/MWh. The wind farm will also establish an interconnection between the Danish and German mainland grids via two subsea cables connecting  Kriegers Flak to the  Baltic 1 and Baltic 2 wind farms. This interconnector will therefore allow for an increased exchange of electricity between Denmark and Germany.

Vattenfall won the Danish near-shore wind tender for Vesterhav Nord and Vesterhav Syd back in September 2016 with a bid of DKK 475/MWh (€63.8/MWh). The two sites are located on the west coast of Jutland and will have a total capacity of 350MW. Vesterhav Syd will be the larger of the two sites with a 180MW capacity and Vesterhav Nord will have a 170MW capacity, both project combined are expected to provide sustainable energy for 375,000 households annually.  

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