Denmark opens the door in tech-neutral tender

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has opened its third technology-neutral tender for renewable energy technologies. This includes open-door offshore wind farms. The bidding window opened today (23rd August 2021) and closes on 22nd October 2021.

The tender covers support and electricity price protection for energy produced via onshore wind, wave, hydropower, solar power, or open-door offshore wind.

Under the open-door procedure for offshore wind, a project developer chooses the size and location of a wind farm, and the DEA must grant three permits before the project can be built. These permits are sequential: each is required for the next.

The process begins when the DEA receives an unsolicited application from a developer, which serves as a request for permission to carry out feasibility studies. The permits include: Preliminary study (Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] approval), Establishment Permit, and Permit for the Utilization of Energy (Electricity Production Permit).

So far, no projects currently have all three required permits. As the developer of the two most advanced projects, European Energy filed for permission to build the
Omø South and Jammerland Bay offshore wind farms under the open-door scheme in October 2020. Before final permissions can be awarded, European Energy must present a supplemental EIA on the final project design.

Currently, there are ten projects totalling 3.1 GW in capacity which are pursuing the open-door offshore wind procedure.

To view projects on 4C Offshore's interactive map, click here.