First French offshore wind farm fully operational

By: Tom Russell

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23/11/2022 Enbridge

EDF Renewables and EIH S.à.r.l, a subsidiary of Enbridge Inc. and CPP Investments, announced France's first commercial-scale offshore wind farm, the 480-MW
Saint-Nazaire project, is now fully operational.

Located between 12 and 20 km from the southwest coast of France, the wind farm is expected to produce the equivalent of 20% of the Loire-Atlantique's annual electricity consumption and supply the equivalent of the consumption of 700,000 people with electricity every year.

After nearly three years of construction, the
Saint-Nazaire first produced electricity at the beginning of June 2022 and proceeded to incrementally connect its 80 wind turbines to the national electricity transmission network. About one hundred people will continue to be employed at the site to help ensure the operation and maintenance of the wind farm in La Turballe, France.

Matthew Akman, Senior Vice President, Power, Strategy and New Energy Technology, Enbridge: "Enbridge is excited about the arrival of the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in France, the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm, and about our role as a leader of the global energy transition. We're advancing several renewable energy projects in Europe and North America, and we are proud to have met this achievement ahead of schedule. We extend our appreciation and thanks to our partners, EDF Renewables and CPP Investments, and look forward to continuing our work together to grow France's offshore wind sector."

Bruce Hogg, Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Energies, CPP Investments: "We are proud to be part of a partnership with EDF Renewables and Enbridge that has successfully delivered the first major offshore wind project in France despite challenging economic circumstances. Saint-Nazaire is the first of many wind investments for us in France that will develop its energy sources and continue its energy transition. It will be a flagship project and an excellent example of our long-term commitment to developing major renewable projects through our global network of renewable energy businesses and partnerships."

Bruno Bensasson, EDF Group Senior Executive Vice-President Renewable Energies and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EDF Renewables: "We are very proud to commission France's first industrial offshore wind farm. I would like to warmly thank all the EDF Renewables' teams as well as those of our partners, Enbridge and CPP Investments, for the work accomplished. This renewable electricity production facility would not have been possible without a close cooperation with the French government and its stakeholders, municipality, environmental associations, fishermen, economic players and local residents. Over the past 10 years, this project has contributed to the construction of the offshore wind power industry in France and has mobilized a significant number of jobs during construction and now in the operating phase. This first wind farm is part of the EDF Group's strategy to double its net capacity of global renewable energy to reach 60 GW in 2030. We are also participating in the National Low-Carbon Strategy of the government, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through energy conservation, nuclear power and the acceleration of renewables."

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