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HSM Offshore secures contract for electrified gas production platform

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 22/11/2022 HSM Offshore Energy

HSM Offshore Energy has secures a contract award for the first electrified ONE-Dyas' N05-A Gas Production Platform in the North Sea, which will run entirely on offshore wind power.

The N05-A project is part of the so-called GEMS area, an area approximately 20 to 80 kilometers north of the Ems estuary. The N05-A platform will run entirely on renewable energy from the nearby
Riffgat offshore wind farm, which reduces the emissions to near zero.

HSM has started the fabrication in Schiedam and its client ONE-Dyas aims to deliver the first natural gas to Dutch and German households by the end of 2024.

N05-A will be the first Dutch offshore gas treatment platform in the North Sea to run entirely on wind energy. A cable will be laid from the N05-A platform to the Riffgat wind farm in German waters for the electricity supply of the N05-A platform.
A pipeline will also be laid from the N05-A platform to shore.

Riffgat offshore wind farm is located within the twelve nautical mile zone of Lower Saxony, Germany about 15 km northwest of the East Frisian island of Borkum and thus about 50 km from the coast. The 108 MW wind farm is a joint project of EWE AG and ENOVA and was fully commissioned in 2014. It features 30 Siemens wind turbines with monopile foundations.

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