Inch Cape given green light for additional 300 MW

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Red Rock Power has gained consent to maximise the capacity of the Inch Cape offshore wind farm located 15-22km off the Angus coastline, Scotland.

The project is being developed by Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL), which is 100% owned by Red Rock Power, an Edinburgh-based company established to invest, develop, construct, own and operate clean energy projects.

ICOL submitted a request in January 2020 to increase the maximum capacity of the Inch Cape offshore wind farm from 700MW to up to 1,000MW without any changes to the physical parameters of the turbines.

Red Rock Power had intended to install 72 MHI Vestas 9.5MW turbines but the project was unsuccessful in the 2019 Contracts for Difference auction.

The developer undertook a review of turbine technologies, in conjunction with potential timescales for construction of the Development, and concluded that a higher capacity could be achieved by using more powerful turbines and without any additional impact to the environment.

A two-week consultation was held, with relevant organisations and planning bodies asked to provide comment. No objections to the Variation Application were raised by consultees.

The Scottish Ministers are satisfied that the Variation Application will not have significant effects on the environment and approval was granted on 16th July.

The project has approval for up to 72 turbines with maximum tip height of 291 metres and rotor diameter of 250 metres, 72 foundations and up to 190 km of array cabling.

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