NKT kicks off manufacture of SuedLink cable

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 03/05/2022 NKT
NKT has started production of the 525 kV XLPE high-voltage DC (direct current) onshore cable system with a route length of approximately 750 km for the German SuedLink corridor. The power cables are being produced in Karlskrona, Sweden, and will be shipped to Germany for installation when completed.

“With the start of production, SuedLink is taking a big step towards the start of construction. We are happy about the news from Karlskrona - things are progressing!"
said TenneT COO, Tim Meyerjürgens.

The SuedLink corridor comprises two power cable systems. NKT is responsible for the 2GW cable link which will be the world’s longest high-voltage DC underground power cable and run from Brunsbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein to Leingarten in Baden-Württemberg.

Dr Werner Götz, CEO of TransnetBW, said: “The awards to experienced cable manufacturers was a good decision. The fact that NKT is now starting production is a good signal for SuedLink and for the energy transition in Germany.”

“Our two high-voltage production facilities in Karlskrona and Cologne operate on 100% green electricity. This way, we ensure low CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process of the power cable systems,”
said Alexander Kara, CEO of NKT.

The SuedLink line starts in Northern Germany where it connects to power from offshore wind farms and to the
NordLink interconnector, which brings hydro power from Norway to Germany via a 525 kV high-voltage DC offshore power cable system also provided by NKT.

Prysmian will supply another cable, with a length of around 700 km, from Wilster in Schleswig-Holstein, to the north-west of Hamburg, to the southern connection point at Bergrheinfeld, close to Schweinfurt in Bavaria.

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