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NKT To Start Cable Laying Activities For Shetland HVDC Link

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 27/02/2023 NKT

NKT, on behalf of Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc (SHET) is scheduled to start cable laying activities for the Shetland HVDC Link Project next month.

The vessel,
NKT Victoria, will be used to lay the cable on the seabed and is expected to arrive on site on 12 March 2023. Once the cable is laid on the seabed, the vessel, Grand Canyon III, will be used to trench the cable to the required burial depth in the seabed. Any sections along the cable route that cannot be trenched, rock placement will be undertaken by a rock placement vessel, to achieve the required protection.

For the cable pull-in part of the installation works at Weisdale Voe landfall, due to shallow water depth, the cable will be floated into the shore from NKT Victoria. For this operation three workboats will be launched from NKT Victoria along with a Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) that will be utilised to support the pull-in operation. Once the pull-in is complete the workboats will be recovered to NKT Victoria.

The 320 kV Shetland HVDC link will transport renewable energy from Shetland islands to areas of demand in Scotland. It will run between Weisdale Voe and Noss Head. The 257 km HVDC cable is being supplied by NKT and according to project developers is expected to go into operation in Q1 2024.

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