NOV to design and equip Two installation vessels for Cadeler

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 24/08/2021 NOV
NOV Inc. has announced the signing of a contract with COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry and Cadeler to supply two GustoMSC NG-20000X self-propelled wind turbine installation jack-up vessel designs, which will be known as the Cadeler X-Class.

The Cadeler X-Class is designed with 5,600 m2 of deck space and a carrying capacity of more than 17,600 tons. This new hybrid, DNV-certified, jack-up vessel is designed to transport and install seven complete 15 MW turbine sets or five sets of 20-plus MW turbines. This expanded carrying capacity is expected to reduce the number of vessel trips required per development.

In addition to the overall jack-up design, NOV will supply the jacking system that lifts the vessel and cargo above the waterline to install wind turbines. The jacking systems will incorporate NOV’s proprietary regenerative power system technology designed to provide fuel savings and emission reductions.

The first NG-20000X jack-up vessel is contracted for one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world—RWE’s 1.4 GW
Sofia wind farm – and is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2024.

Mikkel Gleerup, CEO of Cadeler A/S, said: “The expansion of our fleet is an important strategic priority for Cadeler to ensure that we can meet the demand we are seeing from clients for greater installation capacity. In order to provide energy efficient vessels with very advanced technical specifications, we need to ensure that the new vessels will be as cutting-edge as the turbines we will be installing. Therefore, we have chosen to collaborate with the best sub-suppliers in the market. NOV has proven to be a good partner in connection with other projects in the past and we are therefore confident that NOV will provide the right jacking systems for the new X-class vessels, to support the current and future demand of the industry.”

Clay Williams, Chairman, President, and CEO, added: “NOV is honored to partner with Cadeler and COSCO as we design and deliver the next generation of wind turbine installation jack-up vessels. These vessels, which will be a key part of the next stage in the evolution of offshore wind energy, are a perfect example of what comes from close collaboration with our customers and an unending desire to seek improvement.”

In parallel, NOV is supplying new heavy-lift cranes for Cadeler’s existing O-Class vessels,
Wind Orca and Wind Osprey. With a lifting capacity of 1,600 metric tons at a radius of 40 metres and the main hook at 159 metres above the main deck, the new heavy lift crane offers a substantial capacity upgrade compared to the existing NOV crane with 1200 metric tons lifting capacity at a radius of 31 metres.  

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