Taiya Renewable Energy unveils Huan Yang plans

Taiya Renewable Energy  (台亞風能) has announced its initial plans for a wind farm off of the coast of Changhua County, Taiwan, named Huan Yang (環洋風場). Haun Yang is planned for Taiwan’s third phase development plans (2026-2035). This is the first project to be announced for this phase of development.

The total expected capacity will be 440 MW, with turbine sizes expected to range between 9.5 MW and 15 MW. The project is expected to take up an area of 53 square kilometres, with its closest point to shore being 7 kilometres out to sea, and water depths from 15 to 45 metres. Once in operation, the project is expected to produce up to 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

It has been stated that the Huan Yang project will commence once both the Huanyu and Huanya wind farm projects have been completed. The project will fully cooperate with and assist the government’s plans for the sustainable growth of both domestic green energy demand and transformation, along with helping to expand the local industry supply chain.

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