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Tetrahedron to build crane prototype

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 11/07/2022 Tetrahedron
Tetrahedron recently announced that it will build a prototype crane together with its consortium consisting of Jack-Up Barge BV, TNO, Shell and GE.

Rotterdam-based Tetrahedron company patented, developed and achieved DNVGL design verification on the crane principle and concept design. It is designed to lift higher than a conventional luffing boom crane on the same foundation. According to Tetrahedron, key attention is given to lifting height, capacity at height, lifting radius and jib-clearance.  

The prototype will be completed in 2024 in the Netherlands. The consortium backing its development secured a grant from the Dutch Government.

The prototype will be built to measure key aspects of the crane’s structural behaviour, verify the design and test its resilience against hot-topic phenoma such as crane-deflection and a sudden loss of load. Moreover, Tetrahedron claims the full-scale prototype crane is a proof to the wind industry of the cranes potential of lifting higher than conventional cranes, without needing to build a completely new Jack-Up Vessel.

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