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TGS pioneers Norway's first LiDAR buoy measurement campaign

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 23/05/2023 TGS

As the global floating wind industry descends upon Haugesund, Norway for the highly anticipated Floating Wind Days conference, TGS has made an announcement that is set to transform offshore wind development. TGS proudly launches Norway's first-ever LiDAR buoy measurement campaign, poised to propel the industry to new heights.

In a strategic move, the campaign's inaugural floating LiDAR buoy will be deployed in the coveted Utsira-Nord zone, heralding a new era of wind, metocean, and environmental measurements. This vital data will wield unprecedented power, enriching decision-making processes for the three pioneering floating wind project areas to be awarded in Norway's historic first floating wind lease round.

Unveiling its forward-thinking multi-client approach, TGS offers a game changing advantage to offshore wind developers. By enabling multiple customers to subscribe to the same floating LiDAR data, TGS slashes development costs and timelines while granting an exceptional early opportunity to minimize uncertainty in future energy generation.

Throughout the extensive 12 month measurement campaign, the TGS buoy will deliver an all encompassing suite of data, with the option to extend for an additional year. Beyond wind speed measurements, this comprehensive data package includes crucial metocean and environmental insights such as significant wave heights, ocean current profiles, and acoustic monitoring of birds and bats.

Setting a new standard of excellence, the data will be continuously streamed, quality controlled, and made available to customers on a daily basis through the cutting edge Wind AXIOM platform. Developed by TGS, this state-of-the-art site evaluation and wind data analytics tool empowers wind developers and stakeholders to master the most influential factors affecting the viability of offshore wind projects, thereby elevating the quality and expediency of decision-making processes.

Jan Schoolmeesters, EVP of Digital Energy Solutions at TGS, expressed his excitement, stating: "TGS is thrilled to witness the remarkable level of interest and commitment from the offshore wind consortia vying for the Utsira Nord lease round. The data, combined with the unparalleled analytics provided by our Wind AXIOM platform, are expected to revolutionize decision-making processes and significantly reduce risks for all stakeholders investing in the future of offshore wind development in this region."

The prestigious Floating Wind Days conference in Haugesund, Norway, organized by Norwegian Offshore Wind, will proudly showcase the TGS buoy before its scheduled deployment at Utsira Nord in early June. This highly anticipated event presents an exceptional opportunity to witness the future of offshore wind firsthand.

Utsira Nord marks the remarkable fifth global deployment of TGS' multi-client floating LiDARs. However, this groundbreaking campaign marks the first ever application aimed at floating wind development, as it is strategically situated in the remarkable water depth of approximately 270 metres. TGS has previously deployed four active LiDARs off the US East Coast in the flourishing wind energy lease areas, with many more endeavors on the horizon.

For the Utsira Nord campaign, TGS is proud to collaborate with Eolos, who will provide a cutting-edge lidar buoy validated to Stage 3 criteria of the Carbon Trust's esteemed Offshore Wind Accelerator Roadmap for Commercial Acceptance. Additionally, TGS will deploy a Datawell Directional WaveRider buoy to cross-validate the fatigue limit state (FLS) wave response and measurements, ensuring the utmost precision and accuracy.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre of Norway initiated the monumental offshore wind lease round in March, with lease applications set to be submitted by early September and awards anticipated in December.

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