Transformer units sent to Horns Rev 3

The transformer units for Horns Rev 3 are being loaded in the port of Esbjerg.

Everything went according to plan when Blue Water loaded three transformer units in Esbjerg last week. The units have been stored at the port during assembly. Now, they are installed at the Horns Rev 3  offshore wind farm in the North Sea to ensure that the electrical power is distributed.

The installation vessel "SEA INSTALLER" was ready at quayside to receive the heavy units.

"Before we commenced the operation, we went through the safety procedures. We always do that to ensure a smooth and safe operation. Each of the units weighed 185 tons so we used the vessels own crane to lift the heavy elements. After a few hours of work, the ship set its course to Horns Rev", says Mikkel Puggaard, who is Project Manager for Blue Water.

Horns Rev 3  is an extension to the current Horns Reef 1 and Horns Rev 2 Offshore Wind Farms also installed by A2SEA in 2002 and 2009 respectively. When fully commissioned, the 400MW offshore wind farm will provide green energy for well over 400.000 homes in Denmark.