UK seeks input on future leasing plans

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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched a consultation on plans to enable future offshore energy leasing and licensing in the UK.

BEIS has published an Offshore Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Document which considers the potential environmental implications for future licensing/leasing of offshore wind, wave and tidal devices, seaward oil and gas, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide gas storage, and offshore hydrogen.

A key purpose of the scoping round is to identify issues of concern at an early stage and aims to:
  • Promote stakeholder awareness of the SEA initiative
  • Ensure access to relevant environmental information
    • Identify opportunities for potential collaboration and the avoidance of duplication of effort
  • Identify information gaps so these could be evaluated and filled if necessary
  • Identify stakeholder issues and concerns which should be considered in the SEA

    In relation to offshore wind the elements of the draft plan are to enable further offshore wind farm leasing, for fixed and floating (up to 250m water depth) technology, in the relevant parts of the UK Exclusive Economic Zone and the territorial waters of England and Wales.

    This is will contribute to the UK target of up to 40GW of offshore wind generation capacity deployed by 2030 (including 1GW of floating offshore wind).

    The scoping document contains four parts each accompanied by consultation questions:

    (1) outlining the draft plan/programme and its legislative and policy context;

    (2) its context within a wide array of international, regional, national and local initiatives (including other plans and programmes);
    (3) an overview of the environmental baseline and how it will be described in the Environmental Report;
    (4) the approach to assessment and consultation.

    The consultation closes on 7th May 2021. A compilation of the feedback and a response to these will be published at the end of the scoping stage and BEIS expect to publish an Environmental Report in 2021.

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