Vattenfall’s Norfolk Boreas gets planning consent

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 10/12/2021 Vattenfall
Vattenfall’s Norfolk Boreas wind farm has been awarded planning consent today (10 December 2021) by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Now consented, the 1.8 GW
Norfolk Boreas project could meet the equivalent electricity needs of 5% of UK households - around 1.3 million homes. It is to consist of up to 200 turbines, each with a capacity of around 10 MW. The site is located adjacent to sister project Norfolk Vanguard.

Norfolk Boreas has been designed to use a coordinated grid connection. This includes 4X1.5 metre wide cable duct trenches to transport all the electricity produced by both projects. A phased approach to construction will also see cable works completed in short sections along the cable route with the land quickly restored to minimise local and environmental impacts.

Vattenfall stated that the Norfolk Zone includes plans for more than £15million in direct community funding to Norfolk as well as a skills investment package that will support local institutions to upskill the next generation.

Danielle Lane, Country Manager for Vattenfall said: “This announcement and decision is a multi billion pound boost to the UK’s climate change progress, and keeps the East of England at the forefront of the green energy revolution. There will be a wealth of supply chain opportunities for companies, as well high skilled green jobs, coming directly to Norfolk. This project, alongside its sister project Norfolk Vanguard will be a world leading example of what well-coordinated energy delivery looks like, whilst making sure that low cost renewable energy is produced for UK consumers.”  

“We look forward to start work in the New Year with local communities, UK suppliers and our partners in Norfolk to bring this project to fruition and unlock its huge potential.”

Earlier this year, the Norfolk Vanguard suffered a setback with the UK High Court has quashing its planning consent for which secured consent in July 2020 the High Court ruled in the favour of a local resident, who claimed that the Secretary of State unlawfully excluded cumulative effects of Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas project in its decision to approve Norfolk Vanguard. The Secretary of State is now in the process of redetermining Vattenfall's application for planning consent for Norfolk Vanguard.

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