Windpark Fryslan in full swing

Offshore construction is steaming ahead at the 383 MW Windpark Fryslân, with onshore works nearing completion. Located in the IJsselmeer, near Breezanddijk, the project will be the world's largest wind farm to be built in an inland waterway.

Monopile installation started in September and is now approaching the half-way mark with 39 foundations successfully piled. Due to the shallows in the IJsselmeer and the width of the locks, it is not possible to work with standard offshore wind equipment. Balance of Plant contractor Van Oord has built a unique work platform, the size of half a football field, called the Sarens Soccer Pitch, with a large crane to install the monopiles and turbines.

Onshore construction is also nearing completion, export cable works have been largely completed with just the pull-in and connection to the onshore substation remaining. According to the project team, "the civil works of the onshore substation are nearing completion and the installation of the high voltage equipment is in full swing. Energization is now foreseen for the first weeks of 2021."

The wind farm will also include a nature island. Approximately 2 hectares of the island are above water and a shallow water zone of approximately 25 hectares is being constructed. The area is protected against waves and currents by an 800 metre long lee dam. The island can be used temporarily as a work island during the construction, but from when turbine installation begins the island will be used as a foraging and resting area for birds, with an artificial reef for fish. Reportedly, "the works on Nature Island have progressed well and the transformation to the Nature Island is largely completed".

Construction of the 89 wind turbines will start in the spring of 2021, and the wind farm will be operational in the summer of 2021. The project will feature 89 Siemens Gamesa
SWT-DD-130 turbines, each with a 4.3 MW capacity and 180 metres high.

Once the project is built, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will be responsible for its maintenance and management for 16 years. With a capacity of 382.7 MW,
Windpark Fryslân will provide sufficient energy for approximately 500,000 households. Eneco has signed a 15-year PPA for the 1,500 GWh/year wind farm. In their contract, Eneco and Windpark Fryslân have agreed that large consumers of energy in the province of Fryslân will also have the option of purchasing sustainable energy from the wind farm.

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