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BLG Offshore Terminal ABC-Halbinsel - Port Mapping

At the Offshore Terminal ABC-Halbinsel, the heavy lift sector (including the Offshore Windenergy) has the room it needs for handling and storage of its goods. A heavy load platform, in front of which offshore installation vessels with jack-up capability can position themselves, provides for a distributed load capacity of up to 20 tons per square metre. Loading and unloading are carried out by an experienced team with cranes, SPMT and heavy-duty forklifts. In addition, innovative logistics solutions along the entire value chain have been developed and put into practice.

4C Offshore | BLG Offshore Terminal ABC-Halbinsel Port Image Not Available
Name: BLG Offshore Terminal ABC-Halbinsel
Owner: Bremerhaven - Offshore Terminal ABC - Halbinsel
Country: Germany
Sea: North Sea
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