Frederikshavn Offshore Wind Demo Offshore Wind Farm

26 Apr 2022: Update 26th April 2022: The Danish Energy Agency approved the feasibility study report (including EIA). European Energy can now progress to the next stage which is applying for an establishment permit. The Danish Energy Agency will only take a final decision on whether an establishment permit can be granted for the project once an 8-week public consultation of the environmental impact report has been carried out. It is expected that the environmental impact report for the project will be sent for consultation at the end of May, and that a citizens' meeting on the project will be held on 2 June 2022, in the Musical House in Frederikshavn. Update: On 16 March 2021, European Energy requested an extension of the deadline for submitting the feasibility study report to 30th June 2021. The Danish Energy Agency has granted European Energy's request. Hence the approval date has also been pushed back. Update: In July 2020, the Danish Energy Agency conducted an external review of European Energy's existing data basis for the environmental impact report. Based on the external review, the Danish Energy Agency requested European Energy to lead new seabed mappings in the cable corridor from the offshore wind farm to land. Because of the additional work required European Energy were granted an extension to the feasibility permit and the preliminary investigation report is now expected 31st March 2020. Hence the approval date has also been pushed back to Q3/4 2021. Approval of feasibility study report end of Q2 2021.
Concept/Early Planning
72 MW
4C Offshore | Location Map: Lat(57.457) Lon(10.628)

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Power & Turbines
Windfarm Capacity
72 MW
Turbine Model
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Other Turbine(s) Used
Min. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Max. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Min. Number of Turbines
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Max. Number of Turbines
Total Turbine Height
Hub Height
Rotor Diameter
Foundation Type
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Foundations on Wind Farm
Foundation Comments

Location & Environment
Sea Name
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Depth Range (Chart Datum)
Depth Range (Stated by Developer)
Distance from Shore (Developer)
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Distance from Shore (Computed)

Installation Base
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Ops and Maintenance
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Number of Offshore Platform(s)
Shared Platform Type
Grid Connection Point
Cable Landing Point

Export Cables (AC & DC)
Number of Export Cables (AC)
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Average Length per Cable (AC)
Additional Requirements (AC)
Nominal Voltage (AC)
Number of Export Cables (DC)
Average Length per Cable (DC)
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Additional Requirements (DC)
Nominal Voltage (DC)

Nominal Voltage

Onshore Cables
Number of Onshore Cables
Average Length per Cable
Expected Life