Nordsøen II - Screened Area - Island Connection

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22 Jun 2020: The government and a broad majority in the Folketing signed an agreement on an ambitious climate plan on 22nd June. The agreement, together with the agreement on a green waste sector, forms the first part of the government's overall climate action plan. The agreement includes plans for: · Establishment of two energy Islands by 2030; one at Bornholm at 2 GW and one in the North Sea at 3 GW. The North Sea Island will be expanded to 10 GW in the long term. The island in the North Sea is being expanded in phases as electricity consumption rises and the energy island joins trade links with other countries. The energy islands must not only produce electricity, but also in the long term be able to connect technologies that can store or convert the green power to green fuels (so-called "Power-to-X"). It is a condition of the projects that they are profitable. Work on the energy islands will start immediately and parties involved will be continuously updated of the scheduling. · The establishment of the second wind farm agreed in the 2018 energy agreement will be located at Hesselø with a capacity of 1 GW. The parties have agreed that the wind farm should be operational by 2027 and have advanced the schedule compared to the original 2018 agreement. · The third wind farm agreed in the 2018 energy agreement will be included in the first phase of the energy islands and will be realised by 2030. · The funds reserved for the connection of second and third projects of the Energy Agreement 2018 will be re-prioritized to finance elements of the agreement. · The parties agree that DKK 4 million will be allocated in 2020, DKK 121 million in 2021 and DKK 89 million in 2022 for a preliminary study of the two energy islands and the park at Hesselø, at the same time with the re-prioritization of the funds allocated for preliminary studies of parks 2 and 3 of the Energy Agreement 2018. The preliminary studies are the first step in the establishment of the energy islands. · The energy islands and Hesselø must be based on the principles of the Energy Agreement 2018, which states that in future, offshore wind should be market-driven as far as possible without public support. · Other key points of the agreement include: promotion of Power-to-X plants and CO2 capture technology; electrification of the heating sector; Support for biogas and other green gases; Sustainability requirements for biomass for energy; Green restructuring of the industry; and Transition to market-driven expansion of solar cells and onshore wind. The so-called mill ceiling (maximum of 1,850 onshore wind turbines) will be postponed from 2030 to 2040 and CfD tenders for new onshore turbines and solar will be launched in 2020 and 2021. In total, the agreement between the government and the Left, DF, Radical Left, SF, the Unity List, Conservatives, Liberal Alliance and the Alternative, together with the climate agreement for waste, results in CO2e reductions of DKK 3.4 million tonnes by 2030.
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Danish Energy Agency approves plan for Hesselø offshore wind farm
19 July 2024
Filed under: General, Windfarms

The Danish Energy Agency has approved the plan for the Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm, following a comprehensive environmental assessment and public consultation.

New report highlights cable failure as a major future challenge in offshore wind
19 July 2024
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TGS, the leading global provider of energy data and intelligence, has, for the first time, included a comprehensive analysis of cable failures in its latest quarterly Offshore Transmission and Cables report.

Vineyard Wind grapples with damaged turbine blade
19 July 2024
Filed under: General, Turbines, Windfarms

Yesterday morning, a significant section of a GE Vernova blade detached from a Vineyard Wind turbine. Maritime crews, already on site, faced challenging weather conditions while managing the situation and removing debris.