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Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm

06 Sep 2021: Update 06/09/2021: Vattenfall has announed that Kirgers Flak offshore wind farm is now fully commissioned an inauguration ceremony was held for the event. Update June 2021: final inauguration expected after summer. update: In accordance with the concession agreement between the Danish Energy Agency and Vattenfall of 22 December 2016, the offshore wind farm must be connected to the public electricity grid before 1 January 2022. The full commissioning date was put back to 2021. A deal between the government and other political parties under the Growth Pack 2014 (Vækstpakke 2014). This was signed off by all of the other parties. Original Plan: In line with the agreement with authorities, which states that the project must be fully commissioned in 2020, it was anticipated the wind farm would be fully commissioned by the end of 2019. The original plan was to phase in this capacity over 3-4 years but with changes to policy the capacity will connect to the grid later in the project cycle.
Fully Commissioned
605 MW
4C Offshore | Location Map: Lat(55.027) Lon(12.939)

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General Information
Kriegers Flak
Other Names
Kreigers Flak K2-K3, Danish Kriegers Flak
Development Status
Fully Commissioned
Category or Round
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Vattenfall Vindkraft Kriegers Flak P/S

Vattenfall Vindkraft Kriegers Flak P/S


Vattenfall AB

Vattenfall AB


Vattenfall AB

Vattenfall AB

Offshore Construction Starts
Submitted For Consent
Consent Authorised
Financial Close
First Power
Full Commissioning
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Revenue Mechanism
Revenue Details
DKK 371/MWh (EUR 49.76/MWh)

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Power & Turbines
Windfarm Capacity
605 MW
Turbine Model
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Other Turbine(s) Used
Min. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Max. Turbine Capacity (MW)
Min. Number of Turbines
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Max. Number of Turbines
Total Turbine Height
Hub Height
Rotor Diameter
Foundation Type
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Foundations on Wind Farm
Foundation Comments

Location & Environment
Sea Name
Baltic Sea
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Depth Range (Chart Datum)
Depth Range (Stated by Developer)
Distance from Shore (Developer)
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Distance from Shore (Computed)

Installation Base
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Ops and Maintenance
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Number of Offshore Platform(s)
Shared Platform Type
Grid Connection Point
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Cable Landing Point

Export Cables (AC & DC)
Number of Export Cables (AC)
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Average Length per Cable (AC)
Additional Requirements (AC)
Nominal Voltage (AC)
Number of Export Cables (DC)
Average Length per Cable (DC)
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Additional Requirements (DC)
Nominal Voltage (DC)

Nominal Voltage

Onshore Cables
Number of Onshore Cables
Average Length per Cable
Expected Life