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Offshore wind developers continue to set their sights on Sweden including wpd, which began consultation for two new offshore wind projects in early 2020.

The Baltic Sea Bank (Eystrasalt) project is located in the Bothnian Sea about 60 km east of Hudiksvall. Reportedly the area has good wind conditions and suitable depth for offshore wind power. It will feature a maximum of 150-200 turbines with a total output of 4 GW. This indicates that it will use turbines of 20+ MW implying that operation is anticipated post-2030.

The Fyrskeppet project is located east of Finngrunden's eastern bank about 70 km northwest of Gävle city and outside Tierp municipality in Uppsala county. The area is partly stated as a national interest for wind farms and is also designated in the Marine Plans as an energy extraction area (B147). The project is envisaged to have a capacity of 2 GW and 70-100 turbines.

In August Swedish developer OX2 submitted two consultation invitation applications to the County Administrative Board of Blekinge County as part of the permitting stages for the Aurora and Njord "major" offshore wind farms. The Aurora and Njord projects are located off the counties of Kalmar and Gotland, and Blekinge and Kalmar, respectively. Both applications are still being processed.

Sweden has ambitions to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2040. No official target for offshore wind has been set, but to meet the 100% target the Swedish Energy Agency anticipates 70-90 TWh of windpower is needed, of which it models 10 to 45 TWh of offshore wind. No support scheme exists as yet, and clarifications on subsidies for grid connection are still under preparation.

Alongside OX2 and wpd, Vattenfall revealed recently that it is
exploring the possibilities of a new offshore wind farm, Kattegatt Syd. Together, these announcements indicate long term interest in the market despite short term uncertainty.

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