Aarsleff chosen for onshore works

VattenfallVattenfall has completed the tender process for the land-based cabling and substations for Vesterhav Syd and Nord, and has chosen the construction company, Per Aarsleff A/S for the assignment.

"In the choice of contractor for cabling on land and substation, we prioritized experience, quality and price, and we are looking forward to the cooperation with Aarsleff. The assignment is a good example of how the two projects brings benefit to the community. Many local services are needed from hotel accommodation and restaurants to craftsmen and transportation," says Niels Bjært, Project Director for
Vesterhav Syd and Nord and Kriegers Flak.

The cables, which are all underground, together with two substations will export the power from the beach landing to Energinet’s collection point, where its then passed on to the consumers.

"We are pleased to work with Vattenfall to establish cables and substations for the two wind parks. Managing and coordinating this kind of project with widespread levels of expertise is a core competence of Aarsleff. Further, we are specialists in installing high voltage cables.

"Besides from our skilled partners for the electrical parts of the project, we now have to start finding partners for carrying out other parts of the project starting next year,"
says Christian Trier, Sectional Manager from Aarsleff.

Vesterhav Nord, the cable route will be approximately 4.9km long and 6.5km to Vesterhav Syd.

Design activities will begin immediately, while the actual construction work is expected to start in the first quarter of 2019 and end in 2020. The only part of the landing above ground will be the two substations, which will reach a maximum height of seven meters and will be surrounded by shrubs and trees.

The cables will cross a number of landowners property underground. Therefore, voluntary agreements with all owners have been made except for one, where it has been necessary to expropriate. The landowners are compensated for the cable running underground on their property and for lost production the season in which the construction work takes place.

"When the excavation work is complete, the surface is restored, so you will not be able to see that the cables cross the area. Therefore, we are pleased that voluntary agreements have been concluded with all landlords except one. The land owners are compensated for their trouble," says Niels Bjært.

Vesterhav Nord voluntary agreements have been concluded with eight landowners. For Vesterhav Syd with 26 landowners. The expropriation case, which is in relation to Vesterhav Syd, has been awarded by the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

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