Enterprize Energy hires contractor for 3.4 GW Thang Long project

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Enterprize Energy corporation has signed an agreement Vietsovpetro and PVC MS to support the development of the
Thang Long offshore wind power project in Binh Thuan province.

The scope of work to be undertaken by the consortium covers the entire construction design, fabrication, launching, transportation, installation of steel structures and stations, offshore transformer, and construction and connection of undersea cables and transmission grids.

The Thang Long offshore wind power project is located 20 km to 60 km from the coast of Binh Thuan, featuring water depths of around 30 to 55 metres. The total capacity of the project is 3,400 MW, divided into several investment phases, each with a capacity of approximately 600 MW. Investment capital for the entire project is estimated at USD 11.9 billion , not including the investment for connecting to the national electricity system.

Enterprize Energy has organised consultation meetings in Binh Thuan with more than 400 fishermen to prepare for geophysical surveys, scheduled to be carried out later this year. From the outset, Enterprize was clear about its intention to combine with Vietnam's industry to provide equipment and services for the Project with around 50% of construction expense and operational expense will be placed locally.

The corporation is in the process of setting up a power purchase price mechanism for the entire 3,400 MW project. Enterprize Energy is also willing to consider additional investment in upgrading the grid for the project if permitted by the government.
 The first turbines to be built will feature a capacity of about 9.5 MW, with 10 MW, and 12 MW turbines units to follow.

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