Port of Roenne welcomes Danish energy island proposal

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The Port of Roenne has welcomed the
Danish government's proposal that the Danish island of Bornholm, in the Baltic sea, should be made into an energy island by establishing and connecting up to 2 GW of offshore wind by 2030, with connections to Zealand and Poland.

"By making Bornholm the center of the green offshore industry in the Baltic Sea-region, it benefits both the climate and the employment,"
said the Port of Roenne in a press release as a response to the new ambitious climate report from the Danish Government.

The idea of ​​making Bornholm a green energy island started to come to life in November 2019, when Ørsted proposed the installation of an offshore wind farm next to the island, on the already screened sea-area at Rønne Banke. At the same time, a transformer station was suggested at the island as the logical cable-link between Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland, in order to build up a mutually fruitful energy and climate cooperation between the European countries in the Baltic Sea area.

Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Port of Roenne, commented: “We are pleased that Bornholm has been appointed by the Government to become an energy island, that a 2 GW offshore wind farm is proposed to be located next to Bornholm and the Baltic Sea-region is given political priority, so the climate- and energy ambitions now also apply to the easten part of Denmark and the regions in the Baltic Sea. This means, that all of Denmark will enjoy the effects of employment and local growth, which comes as a result of the construction of offshore wind farms in Denmark."

“We are of course really excited about the proposal from the Government. This can have a great impact on both the climate and the business communities of the region. There is no doubt, that Bornholm is ready to be the center of the energy industry in the East. We have built a modern and climate-proof port area of150.000 square meter, specially designed to handle heavy project loads, sush as wind turbine-parts from the offshore wind industry, and where the new quay structures have a carrying capacity that is extremely competitive in the international market of which Port of Roenne plays a key role. This means that we have the right infrastructure available in order to provide the services needed

The Danish government also proposed promoting new Power-to-X technologies. The technologies transform green power into green hydrogen, that can be further refined to fossil free fuels, in order to transport goods in a more sustainable way in the future.

“This proposal can have a great impact on the transport sector and the maritime industry at a whole. For example the Government could choose to integrate the green PtX-solutions as part of the community-based ferry services on Bornholm. It will undoubtedly have a great and beneficial effect on the environment. If this could be connected to research and testing facilities for further development and qualification of the PtX-technologies, then Denmark could seriously become the first mover at this area, ”
said Thomas Bendtsen.
The Port of Roenne is the largest traffic and commercial port on the Danish island of Bornholm, with more than 3,000 ships calling every year. As a result of the newly built port area, the infrastructure at the Port of Roenne is attracting attention from the offshore wind industry. From October 2017 to October 2019, Port of Roenne A/S built a 150,000 square metre port area, designed specifically to handle extreme weights as required by the offshore wind industry. It includes Ro-Ro-ramps for special operations and a quay with a lifting capacity at 50 tonnes per square metre. The port area also features a water depth of 11 metres.

It has been selected as the pre-assemply port for the largest Danish offshore wind farm, the 600 MW
Kriegers Flak project. It will see the storage and pre-assembly of wind turbine components ahead of offshore installation.

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