Liwei Offshore Wind Farm

350 MW Capacity
29 Jan 2021: WPD confirmed the cancellation. Guanyin did not receive a 'Establishment Permit' from MOEA before the deadline, given CAA's concerns over a nearby airport. WPD's statement: 'it’s a great loss of trust in investment security in Taiwan. We had been invited to participate in the auction. We have developed the project further. We have invested very high amounts in the local supply chain – all trusting the decision of the government to award us the contract. An know we see a rejection at a very late point of time, while ignoring all our proposals. Moreover the rejection of the Establishment Permit for project Guanyin by MOEA based on unverified concerns from CAA, if maintained, will have a significant negative impact on all Stakeholders. Advanced developed projects, that have been promoted by Taiwanese Officials, might be stopped at a very late stage, without giving chances to resolve the matters. That’s very disappointing.' Earlier in Dec 2020, the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that it is expected to start contract cancellation and replenishment operations in January 2021. August 2020, despite having supply contracts in place and being ready to start this August, wpd has confirmed their application for construction permits has been rejected. Although WPD provided evidence of negligible impact on the nearby Taoyuan Airport (within a 10-mile radius), the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) still opposed the project, citing concerns about the height of wind turbines, air turbulence during take-off and landing, and the impact on aviation communications and navigation. Whether to submit a petition still needs to be discussed internally, but the deputy director of the Energy Bureau has indicated that the success rate is very low. Guanyin passed the EIA in 2017, despite the CAA’s sustained opposition since 2015. April 2020: financial close was expected in Q4 2020. Earlier, it was expected by end Q2 2019. February 2019: commissioning has been delayed to end-Q3 2022. The project was required to reach fully commissioning by end 2021 when it was allocated of 350MW under Feed-in-Tariff (“FIT”) program in 2018
4C Offshore | Location Map: Lat(25.088) Lon(121.082)
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麗威离岸风电项目,桃園離岸風力發電廠興建計畫, Guanyin, Taoyuan offshore wind power plant construction project Taoyuan - Development Zone ZoP 2
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Liwei Wind Power Co., Ltd (麗威風力發電股份有限公司).

Liwei Wind Power Co., Ltd (麗威風力發電股份有限公司).


Skyborn Renewables GmbH (formerly wpd)

Skyborn Renewables GmbH (formerly wpd)

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The Danish Energy Agency has approved the plan for the Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm, following a comprehensive environmental assessment and public consultation.

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