OWC appointed owner’s engineer for South Korean project

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Korean engineering company Saman Corp. has hired international renewables consultancy OWC to take on the owners’ engineering role at the Sinan offshore wind farm project in South Korea.

The project is a 300 MW Phase 1 project at Jeonnam Sinan Jaeun-do, West Sea. It is part of the development area
recently announced by president Moon Jae’s administration - an 8.2 GW offshore wind farm complex in Jeonnam Province, intended for completion by the year 2030.

“OWC are very excited to bring our expertise to this project, one of the first large scale offshore wind projects in South Korea. OWC was involved with 44 offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 37 GW in 2020 alone. Our strategy is to be a global partner but also a local expert, bringing the best learnings from offshore wind farms all over the world to each individual project we are involved with. That will also be the case for the Sinan offshore wind project, which we will lead out of our office in Busan, South Korea, and support from other OWC offices,”
says Tom Whittle, OWC’s director for the Asia Pacific region.

Under the contract, OWC will deliver owners’ engineering services including review of site conditions; contract support for detail engineering, EPC contract, O&M, supervision, marine warranty services and other contracts; review and approval of engineering reports; support the license approval process; and provide technical advisory services. OWC has not disclosed the value of the contract.

Also, OWC with Saman have been carrying out another owner’s engineering contract, for KOEN at the
Jeonnam Wando Geumil offshore wind project. These two projects are first large-scale (exceeding 100 MW) offshore wind farm projects in South Korea.

Saman Corp. and OWC will conduct the work on behalf of operators Korea South-East Power Co (KOEN) and POSCO Energy.

“Saman performed the detailed design of Saemangeum Offshore Wind Farm (99.2MW), and the design of inter-array/export submarine cables for Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind Farm (100MW) and Southwest Sea Offshore Wind Demonstration Complex (60MW) in Korea, but it is first time to practice owner's engineering. Therefore, while we were looking for an overseas specialized company, I became acquainted with OWC, and from the bidding stage of the Wando Geumil Offshore Wind Farm OE service, Saman and OWC prepared the bidding together to build trust between the two companies. As a result, we have awarded for both Wando Geumil Offshore Wind Farm and Jeonnam Shinan Offshore Wind Farm Project as OE Service. I am looking forward to jointly participating in additional offshore wind farm projects in Korea through synergy from the cooperation of the two companies.”
said Shin Dongjoon, Renewable Energy Team manager at Saman Corp.

“We have engaged OWC due to their vast experience of realising offshore wind projects in Europe and Asia, and look forward to working closely with them in South Korea,”
commented KOEN’s Wind Power Business Team. “Together we offer the developers of Sinan offshore wind farm a world-class engineering solution and we look forward to further collaborations”.

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