Global Offshore Wind Farm Database

Offshore wind power is a fast-growing solution to the global need for clean, renewable energy. There are currently 55,187 MW operational around the world, in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. The technology is advancing as rapidly as the build-out, with increasing attention paid to floating offshore wind in deep waters, normally further away from the shore than traditional fixed-bottom wind farms. In addition, turbines are getting bigger, with models up to 15 MW commercially available, and potential 20 MW+ machines included in some project envelopes.

4C Offshores online database of 2717 projects in over 53 countries is the most extensive you will find, including projects at every stage of the cycle from early planning to decommissioned. Our graphs and charts enable you to calculate market shares and explore ownership stakes and costs. This database keeps you up to date on the latest developments and trends in this ever-changing, ever-advancing global industry.

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